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4/8/12/16 CH MPEG 4 Surveillance System

PV-260(4 Ports)/PV-261(8 Ports)VPRO
Video / Audio
4 Port / 4Port
Max 120/100 fps
2CIF, CIF, QCIF, 4CIF, 8CIF(2 full D1)
8 Port / 8Port
Max 240/200 fps
2CIF, CIF, QCIF, 4CIF, 16CIF(4 full D1)

PV-260/PV-261VPRO is a professional Digital Surveillance product which used the advanced H.264 video compression and OggVorbis audio compression.

PV-260/PV-261 used Hardware DSP technology to realize Real-time A/V Encoding, Video and Audio Previewing & Motion Detecting. The image was sent from PV-260 to display device, the compressed data stream was also sent from PV-260/PV-261 to memory directly without CPU loading. Then users can do other PC works because PV-260 already saved CPU performance to do surveillance. It provided complete solution for digital surveillance system.

PV-260/PV-261VPRO supports Windows 2000, Windows XP operating system.

1.Video Input -- 4 (PV-260) ports composite video signal
                    8 (PV-261) ports composite video signal
2.Format -- NTSC, PAL
3.Resolution --  NTSC:88*60(QQCIF), 176*120(QCIF), 352*240(CIF), 704*240(2CIF),528*320(DCIF), 704*480(4CIF)
                           PAL:88*72(QQCIF), 176*144(QCIF), 352*288(CIF), 704*288(2CIF),528*384(DCIF), 704*576(4CIF)
4.Frame Rate -- NTSC: 30fps /  PAL: 25fps
5.Output Ratio -- 32kbps~1000kbps(CIF) / 70kbps~4000kbps(4CIF)

1.Audio Input -- 4 (PV-260VPRO) ports speech line input
                      8 (PV-261VPRO) ports speech line input
2.Sampling Rate -- 16KHz
3.Output Ratio -- 16kbps
    1.Used H.264 (MPEG-4/part10) video compression standard, higher compression ration and  image quality.
    2.Used OggVorbis audio compression standard.
    3.Real-time video and audio compression, no frame loses.
    4.The resolution of Previewing can reach 1CIF./1CH
       PV-260 provide (4CIF / D1 Size) compression rate.
       PV-261 provide (8CIF / 2 D1 Size) compression rate.
    5. The resolution of Encoding can reach 2CIF./1CH
       PV-260 provide (8CIF / 2 x D1 Size) compression / transport rate.
       PV-261 provide (16CIF / 4 x D1 Size) compression / transport rate
    6.Compatible with PCI 2.2 standard.
    7.Frame format (I/B/P frame array) is available to be set.
    8.Image quality and compression ratio is available to be set.
    9.Video signal’s brightness, hues and contrast is available to be set.
    10.Supports motion detect function, OSD display, LOGO display and mask functions.
    11.Supports Water Mark technology.
    12.Support Multiple Card ( Maximum 64 Ports Video input, SDK only)
    GUI Changeable  
Product Series :
  • PV-260VPRO: 4ch H.264(MPEG-4) Video/Audio Security Eyes Software
  • PV-261VPRO: 8ch H.264(MPEG-4) Video/Audio Security Eyes Software