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Grand Hi - Vision II
(PC to Y.Pb.Pr. component Converter)

The Grand Hi-Vision II is VGA to Y.Pb.Pr component video ( 480P(D2),576P(for PAL),1080i(D3),720P(D4) ) converter for high Definition Television (HDTV , Progressive Scan TV , Plasma TV) monitors or PC monitors.
Grand HI-VISION II makes the best picture in HDTV sets for PC games and other PC applications. Likes Internet Game & Internet Movies ( MPEG I , II, IV ), PC-DVD entertainment , Educational lecture screen for big halls,...etc....



  • PC (VGA) to Y.Pb.Pr component video( 480P(D2)、576P(for PAL)、1080i(D3)、720P(D4) ).
  • Y.Pb.Pr video supports HDTV( w/Y.Pb.Pr input ), Progressive Scan TV (w/Y.Pb.Pr input), Plasma TV (w/Y.Pb.Pr input) with best video picture.
  • Easy to use push buttons and OSD menu control.
  • Input mode auto detection.
  • In / Out put ( Y.Pb.Pr component video ) resolutions :
Hardware Connection and Application