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The watch dog timer adapter is your systems and peripheral applications protector! Watch dog timer adapter provides user selectable refresh timer to be used inside your PC, which prevents the computer to hang by automatically resetting the system of your computer. When the watch dog timer adapter is enable, the system software or application program must refresh watch dog before selected time slice is reached, otherwise the computer will be reset.

There are two kinds of watch dog timer adapter, watch dog I and watch dog II. The watch dog I is used to prevent the computer to hang by automatically resetting the system. The watch dog II likes watch dog I, it can be used to prevent the computer hang and reset the power of power control box that connects to peripheral devices.

To order watch dog timer adapter, user must specify watch dog I or watch dog II. In the distribution diskette, we provide software for MS/DOS, OS/2, Windows/95, Windows/3.xx, Windows/NT4.0 workstation, SCO UNIX/XENIX, and Interactive UNIX operating systems.


The features of the watch dog II timer adapter are:


  • Provides user selectable refresh timer.
  • When the application program or computer system does not generate refresh signal, the computer will be reset automatically.
  • Available with 110V and 240V (10A) Plug type UK, Europe, USA and Austria type selectable for extension power control box.
  • I/O address selectable.
  • PC/386, PC/486, Pentium hardware compatibles.
  • Suitable for MS/DOS, OS/2, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, SCO UNIX/XENIX, Interactive UNIX operating systems