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PC COM 2 PORT RS 422/485



The PC COM 2 port RS422/RS485 board can be installed in any IBM PC/XT, PC/AT, PC/386 or hardware compatible system. To accommodate a variety of operating systems seven jumpers permit maximum flexibility of configuration. You may select which interrupt (IRQ2 - IRQ7), I/O address you desire.

The PC COM 2 port RS422/RS485 adapter provides signal drivers and receivers which can be set by software or hardware. Since the adapter supports differential communication lines, it provides longer and more reliable communication quality than RS232. The communication speed is up to 56K baud and the maximum transmission distance is up to 4000 ft.

Under the RS422 mode, RTS and CTS are used to provide communication flow control protocol. Under the RS485 mode, only transmission and receive signal are used, both drivers and receivers can be enabled or disabled by jumper setting or software. This means the RS485 provides a multipoint communication protocol.


Features of RS422/485 board:


  • Standard RS422/RS485 serial communication interface.
  • Maximum of 4000 ft transmission distance.
  • Up to 56K baud transmission speed.
  • I/O address selectable.
  • Interrupt selectable.
  • RS485 driver and receiver selectable.