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The fiber optical converter allows the RS232 or RS422 input signals to be converted to fiber optical signals that for long distance, high speed, and high quality communication. There are 3 LED indicators correspond to RxD, CTS, and power signals. A 9V, 500mA-power adapter is provided in the package. To order the fiber optical converter, please select one of RS232 or RS422 version, and select one of DTE or DCE version for signal connection.


The features of fiber optical converter are:


  • Provides RS232 or RS422 signals.
  • Provides DTE or DCE mode signals.
  • One pair (two converters) is needed for two connected devices.
  • Communication distance up to 1500m.
  • Communication speeds up to 5Mbps.
  • Operation temperature from 0C to 55C.
  • ST type fiber optical connector.
  • Suitable for three different optical fibers size: 50/125um, 62.5/125um, 100/140um.
  • Suitable for multi-mode cable.
  • HFBR-2416 fiber optical receiver and HFBR-1414 fiber optical transmitter are used.