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Note! power SupplY included with the product

and can also  BE PURCHASED Separately

General Computer Products

Books and Associated Literature A range of computer related books.
Books for Software Programs Books for Modern Software Programs
Cables, Fans, Network, USB, Accessories and Others Very large range of cables, switchboxes, accessories and adaptors.
Computer Parts
 - Memory /RAM
 - Mice
 - Modems - Dial up
 - Modems - ADSL
 - Zip Drive
 - Solid State Drive
 - Hard Disk
Drive Cleaners
Fans & Cooling devices Generic, Global Win, Thermaltake.
KVM & Video Splitters  


  1. Mainboard Page 1
  2. Mainboard Page 2
  3. Mainboard Page 3
Monitors A range of monitors including VGA, EGA, CGA, Mono.
Networking Products
 - Networking Price List
 - ISA
 - PCI
Networking products including ISA and PCI.
Old and New Legacy Products

Computer Cards etc, Computer Memory, Commodore Computer, Parts, & Software, Diskettes, DrivesEPROMS, Manuals, Keyboards, Miscellaneous , Legacy Dial-up Modems, Apple Mac Old Products, LCD Panels for Legacy Laptops , Multiport Serial cards ,Networking, Notebook Parts , Power Supplies, Tape Cartridges and Tape Drives, Tape Drives Software and Enclosures , IDE/ATA Controller Cards

Paper and Labels  

Power supplies:

- Power Supply DC Low Voltage

- Power Supply AC Low Voltage

- Power Supplies Specialized

- Printer power supply

- ATX Power Supplies Non Standard Dimensions


 - Printer Price List
 - Printer Accessories
 - Printer Ribbons
 - Printer Cartridges
Further Printer Cartridges
 - Printer Parts
Huge range of cards, cables and many more computer parts.
SCSI Cards Adapters Cables Terminators  
Software Huge range of software including Legacy software
Sound Cards  
Terminals A range of new and reconditioned terminals.
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies  Battery Backup 240VAC  and surge filters
Video Cards & Video Capture Cards  

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