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VOIP Products

VOIP Products (All in Stock, On Special This Month)

Adapter ATA Gateway IP Modem Router Phone SIP USB equipment

Product Name Product Code Product Description Price Ex GST
VOIP SoundPoint
Polycom SoundPoint IP BEM 2201-12750-001 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules  $50.00
Polycom SoundPoint IP430 SIP 2200-12430-012    $213.00
VOIP Phones
AASTRA VOIP Phone 6757i 80-001223-01 Charcoal  $250.00
Cisco IP Phone CP-7960G Cisco IP Phone 7960G, Global (3 in stock)  $300.00
Cisco IP Phone CP-7905G Input: 48V 0.2A  $120.00
Cisco IP Phone CP-7945G Input: 48V 0.38A (Used)  $150.00
USB 2.4GHz Wireless VOIP Phone SE-W1D For Skype  $70.00
USB VOIP Deskphone Speaker Phone SE-P31-SP For Skype  $70.00
NetComm USB VOIP Handset LSV40    $44.00
VOIP Phone Adapters
Linksys VOIP Phone Adapter with Router SPA2102 Includes Ethernet Cable  $68.00
Freshtel Analogue Telephone Adapter 3010ATA Includes Ethernet Cable and Power Adapter  $43.00
NetComm VOIP Telephone Adaptor Kit V100LS VOIP ATA With Ethernet and RJ11 telephone ports (supplied with power adapter SW1201500-W04 or can be purchased separately for $20.00)  $43.00
NetComm VOIP Telephone Adapter V-100 V100 VOIP ATA  $43.00
Linksys Phone Adapter with 2 Ports for VOIP PAP2-AU 2 Ports  $43.00
Linksys VOIP Internet Phone Adapter PAP2T 2 Ports, Includes Power Adapter, Network Cables  $43.00
VOIP Gateways and System
Linksys Voicegateway with Router SPA3102    $109.00
Linksys VOIP IP Telephony System SPA9000    $150.00
Linksys VOIP 8-Port IP Telephony Gateway SPA8000-G4 Includes RJ-45 Ethernet Cable, Power Supply, Power Cord  $270.00
VOIP ADSL Modem Router
ZyXEL ADSL VOIP IAD 401433 Prestige 2000 Series  $110.00


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