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ISA network Cards

Note: Combo means BNC and RJ45

Product Code Product EX Tax
  2420P2 NIC combo 10 mb $22.00
  EA 201C NIC 10mb $22.00
  Intel Ether Express Pro pnp combo 10mb S/H $22.00
  Intel Ether Express Pro pnp 10mb S/H $22.00
  Intel Ether express Pro/10+ 10mb New $55.00
  Intel Ether express Pro/10+ Combo 10mb $25.00
  Etherlink III non pnp S/H $22.00
  Pnp 10mb S/H $29.00
  PNP combo etherlink III S/H $30.00
  RJ45 10mb New $55.00
  RJ45 10mb S/H $22.00
  SP2026B Pnp combo $22.00
  16 Bit ISA network Card 10mb Combo $22.00
3C509BTPO4 3 ComRJ45 PnP 10Mb NIC $30.00
3C509B 3 Com RJ45/BNC Combo PnP $30.00
3C509B-TPO 3COM Etherlink III 10Mbps PnP RJ45 $30.00


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