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APPLE Product

Retail Price Ex GST (AUS)

Apple II and 2E genuine with disk drive and monitor 300
Apple 2 80 column 64k card 30
Apple ImageWriter 99
Apple ImageWriter II 100
Apple Printer Cable MD8M-MD8M 1.8M 9
Apple Printer Ext. Cable MD8M-MD8F 1.8M 9
Apple Joystick 20
Joystick Control Apple 2E 39
Apple Power Supplies 90
Apple Printer Cards 40
Apple Super Serial Card 40
Apple Z-80 CPM Card 70
16K RAM Cards 20
8748 Programming Card 150
EPROM Programming Card 120
Apple II Diskette Drive 100
Apple II C&E Diskette Drive 100
Pal Colour Card and Leads 40
RGB Colour Card 40
ROM Card 40
RS232 Interface Card 40
Apple 2 Monitor Model A2M2010P 100
Unidisk Apple Computer External disk drive Model No A9M0104 for 5.25 inch diskettes 90
Apple 3.5 Drive Model No A9M0106 External disk drive for 3.5 inch diskettes 90
Apple Manuals (each) 20


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