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Notebook & Parts - Price List


Note: All prices are in Australian dollars.
         Columns without prices are on application

Resellers ask for discount

Size Resolution Model Number Type Backlight Laptop Ex GST Inc GST
18.4 WSXGA+ LNT184KT01-A01 Glare        
17.3 HD+ B173RW01 Glare LED Right Connector    
17.3 HD+ B173RW01 Glare LED Left Connector    
17 WXGA+ B170PW07 V.0 Glare 2 CCFL      
17 WXGA+ LP171WP4-TLN1 Glare        
16.4 HD+ LQ164D1LD4A Glare        
16 WUXGA LTN160HT01 Glare        
16 WXGA LTN160AT01 Glare        
15.6 WXGA LTN156AT01 Glare        
15.6 WXGA LTN156AT02 Glare LED Left Connector    
15.6 WXGA B156XW02 V.0 Glare LED Left Connector    
15.4 WXGA+ CLAA154WP05 AN Glare        
15.4 WXGA CLAA154WB03 AN Glare        
15.4 WXGA B154EW03 Glare 2 CCFL      
15.4 WXGA+ B154PW04 Glare LED      
15 XGA LP150X04-E2 Matte 20 Pin      
15 XGA LTN150XG-L02 Matte 30 Pin      
14.1 WXGA LP141WX3-TLN1 Glare        
14.1 WXGA LTN141W3-L01 Glare        
13.3 WXGA LTN133W1-L01 Glare   Macbook & etc.    
13.3 WXGA LP133WX1-TLA1 Glare   Macbook & etc.    
13.3 WXGA LP133WX2-TLC2 Glare LED      
13.3 WXGA LP133WX1-TLB1 Glare   Del Inspiron    
13.3 WXGA B133EW01 V.4 Glare        
12.1 WXGA LTN121W1-LO3 Glare        
11.6 WXGA B116XW02 V.0 Glare LED      
10.2 WSVGA CLAA102NA1BCN Glare LED      
10.2 WSVGA HSD100IFW1-A00 Matte LED      
10.2 WSVGA CLAA102NA0ACG Glare LED      
10.1 WSVGA LTN101NT02-C01 Glare LED      
10.1 WSVGA B101AW01 V.0 Glare LED      
8.9 WSVGA B089AW01 V.3 Glare LED      

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