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        MAC Products                          

Latest MAC Products

Retail Price Ex. GST (AUS)

Apple Power Supply Replacement AC Adapter A1172 85W 18.5V/4.6A(3.6A) for MacBook Pro  
Apple 60 W 16.5 V 3.65A original adapter with magnetic Plug Model A1184 $80.00
Keyboard for Apple A1181with escutcheon $130.44
MAC-PC Wireless Keyboard Model No: A1016 $60.00
Apple USB Keyboard Model No A1048 $40.00
Apple USB Pro Mouse Model No M5769 $40.00
MAC Apple Airport Extreme Base Station A1034 (UFO Model) inc PS $90.00
Power Supply to suit MAC  Apple Airport Extreme Base Station A1034 100-240V 50-60Hz 5.1V DC 2.4A Model :T012A051 $30.00
MAC Apple Airport Extreme Base Station A1088 $88.00
Composite video to SVideo in and out for MacBook $10.00
IMac DVI male to VGA Female adapter $30.00
Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter $30.00
Mini Display Port to HDMI Cable (2 meters) $21.70
DisplayPort to HDMI 1080p M-M Cable (1.8M) $27.00
Notebook DC power jack PJ234 for macbook A1181  $33.00
iMAC 240VAC power cable $9.00
Display port male to DVI Female adapter $29.00


Older MAC Products

Retail Price Ex GST (AUS)

Apple Power Supply M4328 24V 2A for iBook and PowerBook  
Apple Power Supply M4402 24V 1.875A for iBook and PowerBook  
iMac Computer with inbuilt 15" color Monitor, 128 MB memory, 350 MHz, Power PC G3 MAC OS 9.2, 6.33 GB HDD, CD ROM M5521 $250.00
MAC G4 768Mb Ram 80GB HDD with 17inch Mac monitor OSX10.4 $300.00
MAC Classic II computer with inbuilt monitor $400.00
Macintosh  External CD ROM SCSI $100.00
Apple Macintosh Multiple Scan 720 Display Monitor 17" M4552 $100.00
Apple Macintosh PowerBook 1400cs/133  Model No M3571 with broken keyboard for parts $90.00
Apple PowerBook G4 Model No: M5884 for parts $90.00
Apple PowerBook G4 Model A1046 $90.00
Apple Keyboard TSA 13GU301AP070-1 5# 7560 IP7700067  for modern Macbooks $150.00
Apple Macintosh 9.5" PowerBooks 500 Series Laptop M4880 with broken screen hinges for parts $90.00
Apple Mac PowerBook 145B  with power supply or can be purchased separately for $50.00 $150.00
Mini AC Adaptor Model:MC0732 for POWERBOOK 100-240VAC 7.5V-3.2A for Apple  Mac PowerBook 145B $50.00
Spare Battery for Apple Mac PowerBook 145B $30.00
Macintosh PowerBook 45W AC Adapter  24V - 1.87A Model: M4896 $70.00
Apple POWERBOOK AC DC Adapter 16V 1.5A and 1A Power Supply M1893 with 4 Pin Plug $50.00
Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II with 4 pin plug Model No M2706 $25.00
Apple Desktop Bus Mouse with 4 pin plug Model No G5431 $25.00
Apple Computer Mouse with 4 pin plug  Model No A9M0331 $25.00
Apple Computer inc Model No: M0100 Mouse with 9 pin plug $35.00
Mice 2 Button $35.00
Apple Keyboard II Model No: M0487 with 4 pin plug $30.00
Apple Keyboard Model No: M0116 $30.00
Apple Keyboard Model No: M2980 $30.00
Apple Keyboard II Model No: M3501 $30.00
Keyboards 4 pin $30.00
Keyboard with Trackball Mouse $40.00
SCSI Cable $7.50
MAC compatible printer $50.00
MAC-PC Monitor Adapter DB15M-HD15F WITH 6 PIN Switch $22.00
MAC Printer Cable $7.80
MAC Modem Cable $7.80
MAC-PC Monitor DB15M - HD15F With 6PIN Switch $18.00
HD130M-DB25F MAC Power Book SCSI Adapter $39.50


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