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Computer Parts

Tape Drives Software and enclosures

Part Number Stock Description


2150S Archive  Drive SCSI QIC023.5" 180
C1539-11485 Compaq 4/8 GB DAT SCSI 150
STD2401LW Seagate 20/40GB DDS/4 SCSI FRU TC4200-235 250
SDT-11000 Sony SCSI III LVD/SE 200
3400DX WangDAT SCSI 200
STT38000A Seagate HORNET IDE Travan 8GB with box software 200
STT38000A Seagate HORNET IDE Travan 8GB bare 150
5099EN24 Wangtec 150mb SCSI  QICO2 150
  CTT 3200 I/R - F 1.7 GB Travan Int. IDE 110
2150S Archive Drive SCSI QIC02 150
LKM-F734-1 3.5" 100MB Cartridge Floppy Drive 120
AOX24-05 Retreiver QICBack tape drive with Travan FDD Interface 100
51250N/1250N Conner tape drive: travan FDD interface 100
CTT32001-F/CTT3200R-F Seagate Tape drive with Travan FDD interface 100
T1000E HP Colorado  with box Travan Printer Port 50
BETA-20H Iomega Cartridge HDD 150
KE JUMBO External tape system FDD interface 100
  Colorado 250 MB Travan INT FDD Interface 100
  Colorado 350 MB Travan INT FDD Interface 100
  Colorado 1400 MB Travan INT FDD Interface 100
JT20C5 Colorado 250 MB Travan EXTERNAL Printer Interface 150
ORB2SE00 ORB External 2.2GB Castlewood SCSI with 3 disks 100
SQ5200C Syquest 200MB cartridge HDD 150
STT220000A Seagate Hornet IDE Travan 20GB 200
SOFTWARE COLORADO Backup for windows 2.02 30
ENCLOSURE Ext SCSI 1 HDD Tape Drive box with P/S 40
ENCLOSURE Ext SCSI  III HDD Tape Drive box with P/S 90
ENCLOSURE Ext SCSI  III for 4 HDD or Tape Drives box with P/S 150

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