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ATX Computer Power Supplies note price of $80- is where we have a quantity in stock, rare power supplies or where we repair yours will be more expensive.

ATX Power Supplies Non Standard Dimensions or Voltages and plugs

Model No. Description EX. GST (AUS)
API-6098 P/N: 30-48269-01 $80.00
API-8628 AC BEL S/N028222 $80.00
ATX 250W ATX 250W $80.00
DPS-100LB-1A Delta Electronics $80.00
DPS-110MB A HP Power supply HP 0950-2800 $80.00
DPS-125EB A Delta Electronics $80.00
DPS-160GB B HP power supply HP 0950-3751 $80.00
ENP-2120D Ipex 200 watt Power Supply $80.00
ENP-2224B 240 Watts Power Supply $80.00
FSP145-51IN Power Man $80.00
FSP145-60SI AOPEN P/N: 91.96320.A04 $80.00
FSP200-60SAV AOPEN $80.00
FSP200-60SV FSP Group Inc. $80.00
FSP250-50GLV FSP GROUP INC. $80.00
FSP250-50GLV(PF) FSP Group Inc. $80.00
H280P-01 DELL P/N NH429  HP-Q2828F3P for optiplex 755 $80.00
HEC-145FB HeroTchi Electronics $80.00
HP-F1106F3S HIPRO IBM P/N 24P6805 EC H20407L $80.00
HP-L1607F3T HIPRO IBM P/N 24P6830 FRU:24P6831 EC:H20407U $80.00
KY-200 FS ATX 200W $80.00
LC-235ATX Switching Power Supply $80.00
MK-250ATX Australia N427 $80.00
MTC-150SFX MOREX 150W $80.00
MTC-150SFX (PS3D) Meridian technology corp $80.00
NPS-90AB-2A Newton Power Ltd. $80.00
PS100 Switching Power Supply $80.00
PS-5141-2D DELL $80.00
PS-5900-2H Liteon Electronics $80.00
PTI-300AR-T 300 Watts Power Supply $80.00
PX-400ENDAN KE03072667 Max power $80.00
RP-2005-00 Elanpower PPR-PC2000-L000 $80.00
Z300-09TU Aopen 300W $80.00
ZKS-145N-60 ZECK Power Supply $80.00

ATX Power Supplies Special but Standard Size

AA19950 Astec IBM server P/N 75H8991 and EC No: E71692 $75.00
DPS-200PB-126A HP Power supply HP 0950-3977 $60.00
FSP145-61GW sparkle power int'l Ltd $60.00
HP- U340HF3 Hipro IBM P/N 49P2040 $60.00
HP-P1457F3 Dell $60.00
MPS5040-000 350W with additional 24V 4.5A   $120.00
NPS-250D 8 8 Dell IRE - TEX L0049 $60.00
SA147-3505 Astec  P/N 0950-3253 $60.00
YP-350J-AA 350W with additional 24V 4.5A   $120.00
VT-465LD V-Tech computer industrial Corporation $60.00
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