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You May Need More Memory and an Antivirus Program

If your computer is running slow it probably has a virus. To solve this problem customers say that they have just installed a new virus checker but usually they and us find it is too late as the virus eats, destroys, corrupts or deletes the virus checker files as they are being installed. Alternatively the current virus checker cannot detect the virus as it takes weeks before the manufacturer updates the virus checkers data and program files.  So Nucleus has to use its expertise by manually deleting the virus. So protection is better than cure and customers need to maintain their virus checkers and not go to risky websites or open risky emails. Also often the customer installs an internet virus security suite which uses too much memory and causes the computer to run very slowly.

 Windows is getting bigger and better. Is your XP/Vista/Windows 7 system running slow if so then increase your memory to 1GB for XP and 2 GB for Vista or Windows 7 or do you just want to upgrade to the best which is Windows7, in stock for only $166.  

Nucleus can also sell you a low cost Brand Name computer with licensed windows XP software installed from only $220- to $390- or we have high end quad core computers in stock.

Customers have told us that they waste many hours on network issues and we have the experience to efficiently install and maintain networks. 

If your PC has any Software or Hardware related problems we have the experience to repair it and usually within 24 hours so there is no need to send it away and wait weeks to get it back.


If you want a hassle free low cost per page printing solution we can sell you a refurbished Laser and you get 3000 copies per Cartridge and the paper tray holds 250 pages. Need a second printer for the children or your 2nd Computer. We have in stock from $33.


We have everything (almost) you require for your computer system and printer.

Peter Holdenson