Monitoring Internet Usage and Security

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 Exceeding your internet download allowance?

 Many of our customers have complained that they have exceeded their allowance but their usage has not increased. The reasons for this anomaly are usually either that their neighbour is using their wireless connection or that some of their users usually children are downloading large files.

The wireless routes except the one from Telstra has no security so as to make it easy for consumers to set it up themselves, so the router must be manually configured to have a wireless encryption code which then requires the same code to be used on the computers.  Extra security can also be used such as keying in the mac addresses of the computers into the router so that only these addresses can use the router and making the SSID which is the name of the wireless network hidden, however this technique makes additional computers difficult to connect later. If you cannot configure the wireless router yourself then for $66- nucleus can go to your house and do it for you.

 Downloading is sometimes not obvious as users are not aware that audio streaming which is usually music or internet radio and video streaming which is usually watching movies or YouTube uses the same amount of data as downloading and saving to a file music and video.

The rule of thumb for the data allowance per month is a minimum of 2GB per user and preferably 5GB allowing for occasional music downloading and  YouTube usage. So for a 5 computer household the data allowance should be between 10GB and 20Gb. However it only requires one irresponsible or unaware user to download or video stream a movie and sometimes several attempts are made if errors occur which will result in on the average 3GB per movie to be downloaded.

Unfortunately it is usually impossible to prove who is doing it as most routers will not give usage statistics by user.

 However Nucleus can provide a router that does give usage by the mac and IP address and so the culprit can be definitely identified. This router with the latest firmware version is the TP model TL-WR340G and is only  $77- .  It is perfect to go with an Optus or Telstra cable modem as  it does not have a modem. For ADSL the existing modem can be used or Nucleus can swap a customers adsl wireless router for a plain modem to be used in conjunction with it. Although the customer can install and configure it himself it is better that for $66- Nucleus installs and configures it.

Peter Holdenson