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Ring or Just bring in your equipment to our Computer Experts
 at Nucleus NOW!!!!

before the water corrodes and damages it and you lose your data and equipment becomes useless

Nucleus has always specialized in damaged equipment and major insurance companies use us to repair or quote on repairs including

 * Notebooks which have had liquid spilt over them

* Desktops which do not power on or not boot to windows. We have all power supplies and hard drives in stock for replacement

* Printers which have had leaking cartridges

* Modems routers and other small equipment where power supplies have blown. We have all replacement power supplies. It is better to repair or replace   power supplies so the account and password can still be used for the original modem

 We have all the equipment needed including air compressors and special chemicals and tools to repair and clean the damage.

* Electronic and mechanical expertise.

* We take the equipment completely apart, clean it and put it back in working order.

* Parts including all power supplies, most keyboards, Laser and other cartridges, and too many other parts to mention.

 Data recovery:

* Usually with special hard drive adapters and software we can simply copy the old faulty hard disk to a new one. Or if the computer is not repairable we will transfer the hard drive to a separate USB box, so you can use or transfer your data to a new computer.


                                                               CALL US NOW for repairs or insurance quotes on your damaged equipment

We have new or replacement equipment and accessories in stock to get you going quickly

 CALL US NOW for repairs or insurance quotes on your damaged equipment on

Tel ( +61) 3 9571 4801 or fax (+61) 3 9571 5204