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Caprilion Device Programmers, Emulators, Adapters & Erasers



Product Code

Unit Description Ex GST Inc GST
PROM8908E EPROM/FLASH GANG PROGRAMMER  $1,268.90 $1,395.79
  1 master/8 slave sockets, stand alone or link to a PC, supports the programming of 8/16bit EPROM/FLASH 64K to 64M.    
PROM9800 EPROM/FLASH  PROGRAMMER  $356.43 $392.07
  As the PROM9801, except without 48pin textools and supported devices    
UNIV2000E Programmer Firmware update cable, USB download cable. DIP48 module. $630.00 $693.00


ROMTER III A (1M) EPROM EMULATOR (1M) $156.64 $172.30
  2764 to 27040 8bit EPROM emulator, can parallel multiple units to expand to 16/24/32bit, PC printer port interface, no external power required, 10 x 8 x 2.5 cm, 158gm, with flash support    
ROMTER III A (4M) EPROM EMULATOR (4M) - As above $221.55 $243.71
ROMTER III A (8M) EPROM EMULATOR (8M) - As above $296.15 $325.76
ROMTER III A (16MB) EPROM EMULATOR (16M) - As above $376.00 $413.60.00


USB-LPT USB - LPT adaptor for ROMTERIII $45.00 $49.50

Standard PLCC adaptor for 8908E/9801/9001

DIP28/PLCC32 For DIP28 EPROM type PLCC package $129.63 $142.59
DIP32/PLCC32 For DIP32 EPROM/FLASH type PLCC package $129.63 $142.59
DIP32/TSOP32 For DIP32 EPROM/FLASH type TSOP package $129.63 $142.59
DIP40/PLCC44 For DIP40 EPROM/FLASH type PLCC package $156.64 $172.30
DIP40/PLCC40 16bit 27C4096 pin-out to 27C4100 pin-out convert $87.36 $96.09
  Special adapter for 8908E/9801    
DIP40/TSOP40   $221.55 $243.71
DIP40/TSOP448   $221.55 $243.71
DIP40/SOP40   $221.55 $243.71
DIP40/SOP44   $221.55 $243.71
DIP40/DIP20   $87.36 $96.09
AT701 CHIPRASE EPROM ERASER Capacity 16 Pcs. W TIMER $160.00 $176.00
AT404 UV EPROM ERASER Capacity - 40 Pcs. W TIMER $330.00 $363.00